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Make A Card

Design, Create, Email or Print and Send Greeting Cards Online For Free...


Make a Card for any occasion or event for free online and make somebody's day special.

Create unique and stunning cards with animation and music, or record a special message.

Electronically transmit your card to someone by email, or print for postal mail delivery.

Making a card online is fun, creative, thoughtful & shows you put effort into your message.

Create custom photo cards and hundreds of art cards for invitations and events all year.

The artistic value of a handmade card is a treasure for the creator and recipient alike.

Creating cards online has become the most popular method of choice around the world for recognizing changes and events in the lives of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Holiday and Greeting Cards


When you put the effort in to make a card yourself with online card creators it shows you care enough to personalize your message to someone special to you.


With easy to use online editors and a few basic techniques, you can create a wide range of unique cards by varying shapes, colors, and decorative details.


Use these editors to make pop-ups in cards or, add animation and sound. Make a card and decorate it with glitter and sparkling animations along with an inscribed message to brighten the day of your recipient.


Make A Card In 10 Steps

1. Use appropriate software or a good online creator.

2. Pick the right greeting card format - funny, serious, oversized, top fold, side fold, personalized, think ahead to get the right mood.

3. Set up a greeting card style. most online sites have a wizard to help with the style of greeting card you want based on the purpose.

4. Choose graphics and features. cartoon, modern, 50s or 60s, serious, fun. Mix images that share a similar style to keep the card uniform.

5. Modify and adjust the images. Simple changes to size and color can make images work better in your greeting card. Try not to make it look cluttered.

6. Select a font and style. Stick with one or two type faces. Using too many different fonts will make your card distracting and less professional-looking.

7. Arrange your text and graphics. Not every inch of your page, has to be filled with clip art or text. Keep it uncluttered so that it is easy to read.

8. Create a even and consistent look. Keep a consistent look and feel with similar colors and an even grid layout. Organizing your card so that it flows well will improve the all-around look.

9. Add a credit line for your creativity. When you make a card it's your masterpiece, add yourself as design author on the back of the card. Let them know you put your time into it.

10. Proof read before you print or email your greeting card. Double check before putting your creation on expensive photo paper or sending it off to the recipient. Use spell check...